McLellan-Poor Preserve

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McLellan-Poor Preserve– This is a wooded out and back hike with very little elevation in Northport just south of Belfast.  Coastal Mountain Trust

Distance: 3.5 miles total. There is a main trail and two loops. The mileage assumes a hike from one end to the other and back including both loops once.

Location: Northporpt, Maine. Just off route 1 south of Belfast.

Parking: Two parking areas are available, one at each end of the trail. The parking area on Rt 1 is much bigger and better designed and can handle at least 8 cars.   The other end parking on Herrick Rd is very small, (maybe three cars).

Use: Good for hiking, running, snowshoeing. Not for biking or x-country skiing.

Wildlife: It was very clear that beaver have a good home around here, There was ample evidence of that. Otherwise we saw signs of deer and squirrel, but not much else. Waterfowl are likely to be seen on the resevoir.

Wilderness Experience:  Busy route 1 is heavily traveled at the beginning of this hike, but it quickly is drowned out as you travel up and down several ravines which create a natural sound barrier. You cannot see any other structures during the hike and the forest can be thick in many places so it really does feel far removed from the town of Belfast. The other nice thing is an abundance of old growth trees, especially pine. They have been here a long time and are large, making this feel like an ancient forest. There are also many old oak trees. The mixed forest is really a beautiful place.

Trail: Mostly forest floor, roots, and some rocks. The footing is fairly  easy with a few stream crossings. At this time of season, and with very little rain, the streams were mostly dry and created no hazards. During a wet season this could be very different, especially closer to the Herrick Rd entrance. There are several bog bridges that do provide easy crossings at key locations however.

Summit: No summits here. There is an overlook loop near the rt 1 entrance that provides nice views of the town reservoir. Best views were of the beautiful old growth mixed forest and deep ravines.

Trail rating= 5

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