Holbrook Island State Park

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Holbrook Island State Park– Iceworks Trail to Fresh Pond Trail lollipop hike  Holbrook Island SP

Distance: 3 mile trip. one of several hiking options in the park

Location: Brooksville, Maine. Cape Rozier Rd 1.5 miles from rt 176.

Parking:There are 9 parking areas around the par, but all are small. Most are fairly close together however, so it’s never too far to walk. The one closest to Iceworks is on Back Rd, third one in. Park on the left. The road almost directly across from it goes down to the picnic area and beach

Use: Good for hiking, running, snowshoeing. Not for biking or x-country skiing. I LOVE to trail run here.

Wildlife: Good chance for deer here and you’d think the pond would be great for moose but I’ve never seen signs of one.

Wilderness Experience:  Cape Rozier and Holbrook Island State Park are fairly well removed from major traffic and houses. Cape Rozier and Brooksville is sparsely populated so once you get into the park and on the trails there’s not much t distract you from nature. I really like this hike, and the pond really feels more remote than it is. .

Trail: Mostly forest floor, roots, rocks, moss, pine needles. The iceworks trail can be swampy for sure even though there are sections with boards. Be sure to wear waterproof shoes or boots. I’ve gotten pretty well soaked in my minimalist trail runners.

Summit: No views from this trail although the summit trail just one parking area down does have limited views over the harbor to Castine. The view you’ll enjoy is the loop around Fresh Pond. Can’t say enough about how much I enjoy this little hike.


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