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Cutler Coast– a loop hike along the Bold Coast

Distance: 10 miles total. Can be done as a 5 mile loop, 10 mile day hike loop or 2 day 10 mile loop with several tentsites

Location: Cutler, Maine. Parking on rt 191

Parking: An upper and lower parking lot offer a lot of space, but fill up quickly in nice weather and weekends.

Use: Hiking and backpacking.

Wildlife: Coastal wildlife abound. Birds, seals etc are easy to find.

Wilderness Experience:  The Bold Coast is a very wild area. It’s rugged coastline and thickly wooded inland forest make a very remote experience. Part of the lure of the CCPRL is that it has easy access but feels well removed from civilization. Rt 191 parallels rt 1 but is far enough away that you don’t hear anything. Camping on the shore brings you to the ocean’s edge which gives you endless views into the Atlantic. You feel like it’s the end of the Earth.

Trail: The inland trail is heavily forested, moss covered and boggy with some board walks. It’s fairly easy footing and mostly flat making it an easy hike. The shore trail, however is a lot of up and down over rocky ridges and in and out around points and coves. Footing can be tricky, loose rocks and uneven.

Summit:  There is no summit or even a mountain. You are mostly at sea level. The views, however, are spectacular, specifically along the shore. Every turn that opens up between the trees with views down the coast are dramatic.


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