Borestone Mountain

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Borestone Mountain– an out and back hike up Borestone Mountain and the Audubon Sanctuary.

Distance:  app. 5.5 miles depending on the exact route

Location: Elliotsville, Maine. Bodfish Rd.

Parking: Parking on Bodfish Road right across from the gated entrance has ample room for probably a couple dozen cars at least and maybe more.

Use: Good for hiking, snowshoeing.  There are NO dogs allowed at all, please be aware of this.

Wildlife: This being an Audubon Society site there is a distinct possibility of seeing many birds. Please view their website for full details. Also a good chance of seeing other wildlife as this is a remote location in the 100 mile wilderness. We saw a martin cross the road during the daytime just a mile or so from the parking area. Also saw clear signs of moose around the ponds.

Wilderness Experience:  This whole area of more than 1600 acres is encompassed by the 100 mile wilderness. It is not near any towns of an size or major roads. You can expect to feel surrounded by woods as you hike. The views from the summits also provide unbroken expanses of wilderness. It’s a relatively short hike but immediately has that deep forest feel especially in the off season when the sanctuary is closed.

Trail: The trail is well used and worn down with substantial roots showing through. It is also steep in a few places with rocky ledges, some very narrow. The lower sections of trail do have excellent stone steps built in that make for sturdier footing. You can expect to be doing some crawling up and down ledges near the summits. Look for bright green painted triangles to guide your way. Also take advantage of the Peregine Trail near the pond and Sactuary center. It is unmarked but can be found and easily followed just before the pond on the left. One of the pictures in the slide show shows the entrance to the trail.

Summit: Excellent 360 views from the second peak and nearly 360 views from the first peak. The second peak also has a viewing station with well detailed descriptions of what you can see in every direction.



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