Trailname Ghost

I’ve been hiking for years now, but I wasn’t really a hiker when I was younger (grade school-high school). I always enjoyed my family trips into New Hampshire and Vermont and seeing the mountains there, but I only started exploring the wilderness during and after college. I was an avid fresh water fisherman and enjoyed hiking into remote ponds and streams to find the perfect pool to fish. Part of the adventure was getting there and I always enjoyed the hikes. I spent a lot of time in my canoe exploring ponds and streams as well. This kind of all transitioned into a greater love of the outdoors and eventually the hiking became the real draw for me.

When we had kids, (two boys 2 years apart), I enrolled them in cubscouts and eventually boyscouts.  With a real emphasis on outdoors adventures this just expanded my love of nature. As with most scouting parents I became heavily involved and became the merit badge counselor for hiking and fishing.  Now that both boys are out of scouting Lavender and I have taken over the hiking/camping/backpacking lifestyle I tried to instill in them.

I hike, snowshoe or trail run at least once per week. It is a great form of exercise after a day of sitting and working at a computer screen. I’ve climbed all 67 of the New England 4000+ ft mountains as listed by the AMC.  Now L and I are exploring more of Maine and enjoying the wilderness our state offers.

Trailname Lavender-