DoubleBlaze Blog is about our adventures hiking in Maine mostly with some posts from New Hampshire and possibly Vermont. The idea of “DoubleBlaze” is that as the trail takes a sudden change it is marked by a double blaze to indicate a change in direction. As hikers there is also a change in us as we explore the wilderness. Sometimes that change is only temporary and short-lived, just enough to get you through a tough day or week by changing your attitude and outlook on life. Other times the change is gradual and ongoing, making a permanent change in how you see ourselves and the world in general. Nature has a way of affecting us. Long trail hikers, (think AT thru hikers), often have dramatic life changes after coming off the trail.

For us the change is not just emotional and spiritual, but physical. We’ve adjusted our exercise and eating lifestyles as well. We are more fit, and have together lost over 175 pounds.

DoubleBlaze Blog is a summary of our ongoing journey.